On March 26, 2020, Microsoft officially announced taking over Affirmed Networks, a virtualized mobile network start-up that works on virtualized and cloud-native networks solutions. The worth of the deal is not yet disclosed by the tech giant.

The purpose

Microsoft’s goal with this collaboration is to integrate Affirmed Network’s technology into Microsoft Azure to allow the telecom sector to deploy and maintain 5G networks with the power of cloud and not just the traditional combination of hardware and software.

The start-up offers virtualized cloud-native network called Evolved Packet Core (vEPC) that enables communication service providers to match up with the demands of mobile services. Affirmed Networks also provides cloud-native platform for 5G. Additionally, the company offers a wide range of capabilities in orchestration and automation.

Microsoft describes Affirmed Networks as a service provider that simplifies network operations, lowers cost, and accelerates creation and launch of revenue-generating services.” Anand Krishnamurthy, CEO of Affirmed Networks mentioned that the start-up has assisted 100 customers across the world to transform to its model at “70% of the cost of traditional networks.”

Microsoft was also asked about how customers like Vodafone, AT and amp;T, and Softbank would be affected by the collaboration. On this, a spokesperson from Microsoft told VentureBeat, “The continuity of their business operations is paramount.” Telecom service providers are in the race to adopt the fifth generation of wireless communication technologies, which promise faster speeds and reduced network latencies.

The promising applications in this genre range from autonomous vehicles, smart cities, to AR and VR. Since telecom companies improve infrastructure, these add to the opportunities to manage their 5G network workloads in the cloud and simultaneously serve edge computing needs of their customers.

With this acquisition, Microsoft aims at speeding up the telecom industry’s transition into cloud using Affirmed Networks’ expertise.