• Now platform San Diego provides hyper-automation with low-code and AI capabilities to enrich their product.
  • The new RPA Hub will help enterprises design, monitor, and manage digital robots for automation.

Service Now, a firm offering cloud-based solutions that define, structure, manage, and automate enterprises’ operational work processes, launched an updated version of its Now platform, enabling an all-new RPA hub and an enhanced visual experience.

Officially dubbed as the Now platform San Diego, the release has brought new Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities to strengthen enterprises with the “true potential of hyper-automation.” It will also and assist them in designing intelligent, quick, and efficient work processes to ensure productivity. The platform is now available for public use.

Demand for Hyper-Automation

Today, businesses, irrespective of the sector, are embracing digital transformation to stay afloat in a competitive environment where the market keeps evolving. However, disconnected critical systems and dependence on specialty Centers of Excellence (CoEs) often interrupt this shift, resulting in the costly, repetitive, and manual work of connecting the silos for your workforce.

Hyper-automation, which includes orchestrated use of advanced tools like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and low-code application development, overcomes this challenge by quickly spotting, vetting, and automating as many enterprises and IT processes as possible. If you make the proper use of this technology, you will be able to connect advanced, traditional, or unstructured data and seamlessly eliminate the silos, boosting digital transformation.

Now platform San Diego Empowers Hyper-automation

The newest release is completely about enhancing the product. Earlier, ServiceNow concentrated on hyper-automation with the Now platform’s low-code and AI capabilities. As the organization describes, the Now Platform San Diego brings Automation Engine, an all-inclusive tool of automation integrated solutions that brings together the power of the Integration hub and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) capabilities of the latest RPA Hub. This strategic move has precisely come after the firm’s acquisition of IntelliBot, a Hyderabad-based robotic process automation company.

When combined with the platform’s current technologies, the new offering helps businesses automate repetitive and manual tasks and connect any system to ServiceNow to achieve three times faster value. The RPA Hub provides a crucial management interface, assisting businesses to develop, track and manage digital robots for automation. Thus, this process is a perfect way to simplify and enhance employee productivity while minimizing manual efforts and errors.

The RPA hub currently features more than 1300 in-built components, such as actions, connectors, OCR, and computer vision, to boost the time to value for automation efforts. It also features an RPA desktop design studio, which helps users to develop, test, and execute both attended and unattended bots as they scale automation faster. The studio also comes with a built-in connection Flow Designer, which allows users to pass information to and from their ServiceNow instance easily.

Better interface:

ServiceNow is also revamping the interface of the Now Platform, which has been named the Next Experience. According to the organization, the aesthetic modification will get most of the crucial work at the fingertips of the users, helping them to accomplish it quickly. This gets all the applications under one consistent experience, and features include a revamped content library, latest iconography, typography, and illustrations. Furthermore, more focus has been put on customizing with options to define accessibility and layout preferences, among other things.

As a part of the Next experience, the users will receive 25 purpose-built workspaces (like Cloud Operations Workspace, HR Agent Workspace), allowing access to the new design, surface insights with dashboard, and machine learning-based tasks and action suggestions. ServiceNow claims that organizations will be able to field requests/issues more effectively with the workspaces.

Moreover, the new platform also delivers targeted vertical-specific solutions to assist banks, insurance businesses, telecom, and technology providers boost their digital transformation efforts.