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Putting AI (Artificial Intelligence) to work for audience segmentation

Putting AI (Artificial Intelligence) to work for audience segmentation

Here Tech & Digitas
Published by: Research Desk Released: Jan 15, 2020

Have a conversation with anyone about how the changing nature of technology is affecting our world, and artificial intelligence (AI) will invariably come up. It has the potential to change all industries in ways we’ve never experienced. The promise of AI is that it will make our lives better, with more lower-level tasks being automated, freeing us up to focus on higher-level endeavors. Automation promises to complete tasks with more efficiency than humans do, and can continually improve through machine learning.

This potential applies to the media and advertising tech world, where machine learning and artificial intelligence have already begun to improve targeting and segmentation, media buying and planning, as well as many other parts of the digital supply chain. It’s become a much-talked-about subject at conferences, in opinion pieces and in news stories in the trades.