The Winning Playbook for Experience Personalization

The Winning Playbook for Experience Personalization

Published by: Research Desk Released: Jan 03, 2019

Personalized customer experiences can drive double-digit revenue growth for your business. However, poor personalization can hurt your bottom line, as consumers switch from companies that fail to meet expectations to those that do.

In this playbook, we provide clear guidance to help you formulate a winning personalization strategy for your organization over three phases of maturity:

  • Embrace: Getting started and laying the foundation
  • Expand: Growing in sophistication across channels and use cases
  • Excel: Scaling up and achieving excellence

For each phase, we describe four key building blocks for achieving success: strategy, people, processes, and technology foundation. In particular, the technology foundation should provide a scalable platform to support data, content, and intelligence capabilities spanning all digital touchpoints. To complement marketer-defined business logic, organizations can now choose artificial intelligence (AI) techniques for deciding which experience to present to a consumer. AI has become a preferred method for scaling experiences to millions of customers for use cases that deliver one-to-one personalization.

To become a center of excellence (COE) for personalization, you need to establish a framework that empowers teams across the enterprise while maintaining governance over processes and your technology foundation. Adobe can help as your trusted partner for personalization excellence.