The global competition to retain customers and effectively communicate with the customers about different selling points is gaining momentum. Companies are approaching analytics based call center model. The call center model is used to assist, streamline, and maximize customer service and sales. Customer service is based on having a balance between the services and resources so that the goal of efficiency and customer care is met without any limitations.  The current analytics for the call center is focused on improving the service quality and also help the optimum utilization of resources for effective growth.

What is a Call Center Analytics?

The basic function of any call center is to provide effective company services to customers or potential customers. A call center might have various objectives that an organization wants to effectively implement – Inbound call centers, Outbound call centers, domestic call centers, and International call centers. Call center analytics a combination of tools and technologies that can effectively combine the current manual functions to provide insights to its users. Call center analytics is a combined technology of automation and insights to help you serve your customers better. The challenge with call centers today is the need for management of the calls – to be automated or manual without any specific insight. Only highly escalated situations tend to be effectively managed to reducing customer service quality.

Effects of Call Center Analytics:  

Call center analytics are used to monitor the effectiveness of the approach that is being followed by the organization and areas that need to be improved. Analytics reduces the manual work of call management without disturbing the current process flow.

1. Call Center Speech analytics: 

Speech is a new technology that has been used by the call centers to monitor the calls in real time. Speech analytics is fairly a new term used by the call center and finding a lot of success in the market. Using a team of call analysts a company can unearth inefficiencies of the current model and make process improvement to achieve the desired outcome.

2. Call Center Text Analytics: 

Connectivity improvement has created an inflow of text messages from on website sources, social media or third-party technologies. A company that has a vast brand presence on social media needs to have text analytics to deal with negative customer trends. Text analytics help in analyzing where exactly the problem of service or product is creating a negative response. It also analyzes the texts that are sent back to the customers helping the company identify the correct kind of response for the customers.

3. Predictive Analytics: 

Predictive analytics can help the organization to predict trends in customer response. For example, during New Year people tend to buy gifts and send gifts to their relatives, and friends through online channels. There is a surge in calls for gift products customized according to the client needs. This also helps in effective management of resources.

4. Channel Analytics: 

Channel analytics help to effectively manage resources. A customer might be using different channels while communicating with an organization but during the given interaction you need to have all the effective answers within your clicks. It not only improves customer satisfaction but also helps increase resource efficiency.

Here are Some of the Call Center Analytics Solution Providers:

1. NICE (CXone Analytics): 

CXone Analytics help turn insights into results by making the data relevant, easy to consume, and drive actionable insights to improve the decision making process.  Omnichannel experiences help customers to receive customized feedback with data-driven models.

2. Salesforce: 

Salesforce has various customer products that can effectively manage different consumer touch points. It has integrated modern technology like cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mobility into your current organizational customer service.

3. Samespace: 

Samespace offers an end to end monitoring of each lead effectively integrated with a dashboard. It gives the opportunity for the organization to help integrate the mobility solutions into the sales funnel.

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