Unified Communication is one of the most exciting features in the growing market to unify all the communications seamlessly across different devices and platforms. Enterprises of any size can induct Unified Communications, letting remotely located teams to discuss and understand different problems faced by the enterprises.

Enterprises that are adopting the are seeing an increase in productivity with better performance management and reduction in latency while decision making. Enterprises are adopting mobility solutions to provide flexibility to employees but unified communication is what will increase productivity and lead to better business management. Communication and the workplace keep transforming with the inclusion of modern digital technology but the optimization according to business needs is important.

Unified Communication enables modern enterprises to combine the traditional, modern and innovative communication solutions to a single and coherent environment. An end-user will be able to eliminate the requirement of managing through different communication platforms and devices. According to the recent research, the companies that are adopting Unified Communication predict that they would be able to eliminate the security issues and device management solution for communication in the next three years. The growth of Unified Communication also seems to be on the path by the end of 2024 UC would have been valued to $143.49.

Creating a plan to replace the current business communication with Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) it’s important that include various verticals for understanding such as spending, productivity, and revenue.

Before planning your future investment, it’s imperative that the calculation for the current hardware and software is calculated. The basic calculation for any of the communication system should include the current remaining costs for the devices in case of the lease payment. It should also induct different maintenance cost taken over last 12 month including other costs such as replacement of hardware-phones and wiring. You will also need to add the cost of a different telecommunication network that is being accessed to make calls long distance or short distance. If you have a contact center in place also calculates the cost of each device and system.

Enterprises can directly invest over than hard-metal hardware that requires extra space and extra maintenance costs. Using the enterprises would only need IP phones and some hardware to support the system. Power over Ethernet for phones can also be utilized by the enterprises for better power implementation.

The enterprise can adopt Unified Communication based on the different requirements, whether they want to opt-in for Operating expense (OPEX) or Capital Expense (CAPEX). OPEX includes the cost of operation that would include devices rent or purchase cost. While Capital Expenditure would include all the costs of the devices purchased along with the improvement costs if any needed.

Budgeting according to the requirements of the device and business growth is important. Before shifting towards it’s important to build for next one year. Enterprises can even determine the ROI before adopting the cloud unified communication.

Avaya and Unify are one of the biggest providers of Unified Communication for enterprises. According to the recent statement given Savior Tovar Dias, Senior Director of Sales for Avaya International said that Customers today want super-service that means providing them with an exceptional experience. The Omnichannel experience that every customer expects needs to be end-to-end managed with clear communications. A great customer experience will need to be extended towards the employees also.

Tony Rich, Head of Propositions and Vertical Solutions for Unify said in a statement that Unified Communication is more of prospective part of employee performance than just coordination. With unified communication, the enterprises need to create an ecosystem that can help ease-communication.

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