The year 2019 will be more transformative towards the network technology than the smartphone technology. The already underlying the technology that’s supporting the cloud and enterprise network requirements is insufficient, leading to demand a network that can provide security and increase productivity.

5G is networking technology that’s been viewed with great hopes. The demand for high-speed internet that holds drones, robots and smart-cars will be multiplying in 2019. IoT and autonomous devices will become part of daily lives after we adopt a faster networking technology.  The 5G technology is all set to be faster than 4G by almost 20 times and the majority of the smartphone users will access 5G in the second quarter in 2019.

Ronan Dunne, Executive Vice President at Verizon Wireless said in a statement that “5G Technologies has a potential to transform the executive technology and will be disrupting the network across all the different sectors. Redefine the work, elevating the living standards and impacting the global economic growth of various nations.”

Verizon had launched the first 5G network in October 2018 in the certain parts of Houston, Los Angeles, Sacermato and Indianapolis. The Bandwidth for the 5G network is already been sold; only the installation of the different 5G types of equipment will be the next step to implement. The current 5G network requirements are seen to be high in the stadiums and airports.