On August 11, 2020, Equinix announced the acquisition of GPX India and its two tier-4 data centers in Mumbai, India. The deal was closed at USD 161 million. The acquisition will lead to 1,350 cabinets and 90,000 sq ft of colocation space when built fully.

Already, the company GPX Mumbai 1 has a 30,000 sq ft facility, and the recently started Mumbai 2 is anticipated to contribute the remaining 60,000 sq ft. Moreover, the account of GPX mentions that its data centers host 12 telcos, over ISPs (Internet Service Providers), three internet exchanges, cloud service providers, content delivery networks, and over-the-top content providers.

“After seven years of building our business in India, I could not think of any company better suited than Equinix to expand the platform GPX has created in India and help our customers continue to grow,” President and CEO of GPX Global Systems Nick Tanzi said. “GPX Global Systems will now turn its attention to growing our business throughout Africa using our Egyptian business as the anchor for our expansion. We believe Africa represents a very similar opportunity which drove our investments in India.”

In July 2020, the company announced the completion of the third expansion of Hong Kong facility HK4 and added another commitment of spending USD 51 million on the facility. To date, HK4 has a total capacity of 1,500 cabinets, and 3,000 cabinets are to be added in the next phase. Equinix claims to provide a total colocation space of about 34,500 sq m in Hong Kong.

Apart from five facilities in Hong Kong, the company also has four data centers in Singapore, one in Seoul, eleven in Tokyo, one in Osaka, JK1 in Jakarta, and lastly, six in Shanghai.