In the cloud-service market, bare-metal offerings have lagged behind the virtualized ones because the use of the Cloud for things such as elastic apps and developer environments are better suited to instances with the native operating system.

Google recently announced that its Bare Metal Solution (BMS) will run on dedicated hardware and will have strict certifications, including dedicated, low-latency, and high resilient interconnects and connections to all Google Cloud Services.

BMS uses OEM hardware, which is certified for custom-built solutions and ISV software applications, including Oracle database. Since Google is known to use hyperscale data center operators mostly, the hardware is a bit of a mystery. But generally, hardware from DELL, HPE, and Lenovo gets the certifications mentioned above. 

The hardware configurations are offered as a monthly subscription, with a preferred term of 36 months. There are no exchanges between the BMS or Google Cloud, be it ingress and egress.

Moving an Oracle database to Cloud isn’t as trivial as it seems. It could end up being extremely expensive if the data stretches to petabytes. Also, not to mention that Oracle is trying its best for its customers to migrate to the Oracle cloud. 

The Bare Metal Solution is currently only available in the East Coast data centers.