The leading cloud-based communication provider for modern global enterprises, Fuze, has unveiled its fully integrated Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) solution. It is embedded within the Fuze Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform.

The integration would ultimately boost productivity and the ability to provide support internally and externally. The company claimed, “The update provides enterprise contact centers with a fuller view of their organization and deeper insight into contact center performance.”

Fuze said that the collaboration of the two would reduce the friction of switching between the UCaaS and CCaaS applications for contact center agents and supervisors, alongside promoting the collaboration of cross-functionality within organizations. Consequently, the company is allowing supervisors to function as a part of the entire team, leading to simplified administration, communication, and support. It is a way for leaders to identify trends and the way they are impacting the overall performance.

There are additional mobile functionalities for agents, including remote access to queue information, ability to sign-in, sign-out, pause participation in the queues, and enabling streamlined connectivity for customer support on the go.

In an interview with UC Today, the Senior Vice President of Product at Fuze, Jed Brown, mentioned that the partial reason for the integration was to fill the gaps for companies that fall outside the purview of the traditional list of a contact center.

More development…

Now Slack users will be able to make video calls via Fuze directly.

The new update broadens the scope of Fuze’s integration with Slack while providing users with the ease to move between calls, meetings, and chatting. Additionally, it provides users with an option to transfer between two platforms, from Slack direct message to a Fuze voice call, or a video meeting with full-screen sharing capabilities.

Jed Brown said, “The next evolution with telephony that Slack has bought in is that if you and I are having a one to one conversation, assuming it is part of their integration, you can list your mobile number, your landline, whatever it is, and now from Slack, I can actually place a call to one of those numbers.” He also added, “Whether you’re interacting with multiple people or a single person, we’ve made it really easy so you’re not flipping between applications, you just hit it in Slack.”

The update of Fuze with Slack is available for all existing Fuze customers immediately.

It is also resourceful for the retailers’ shop floor staff. They can use the product for checking in with other departments and handle the communication requests of the customers. Brown terms it as “Hidden contact centers within enterprises.”