• Microsoft-certified SBCs allow carriers to develop next-generation SIP Trunking solutions easily and quickly.

Session Border Controller (SBC) portfolio supports

Ribbon Communications Inc.  revealed that its industry-leading Session Border Controller (SBC) portfolio supports Microsoft’s new Operator Connect service. Further, it streamlines interconnection to Microsoft Teams for service providers.

The company is a leading provider of communications software, IP, and optical networking solutions to enterprises, service providers, and critical infrastructure sectors worldwide.

Expert take

Tony Scarfo, EVP and GM Cloud and Edge Business Unit at Ribbon Communications, commented, “Operators around the globe already use our robust suite of SBCs in their network core, including many in the initial wave of Operator Connect service provider partners.” He further added, “Our existing Microsoft certifications, combined with our support for Operator Connect, enable our service provider customers to leverage their Ribbon SBCs to help deliver the next level of business integration Operator Connect offers.”

Ribbon’s comprehensive SBC portfolio

Ribbon’s comprehensive SBC portfolio allows service providers, enterprises, and partners to choose  Microsoft Teams calling deployment model that fulfills business and technical demands.

The company’s core SBCs comprise:

  • SBC Software Edition (SWe) – service providers ensures that they will offer secure real-time communications in numerous virtual and cloud environments without compromising performance, scale, or feature functionality.
  • SBC 5400 and SBC 7000 – are specially developed to address reliability, security, and interoperability challenges for real-time communications.

Ribbon supports enterprise Teams Deployments with its:

  • SBC Software Edition Lite (SWe Lite)
  • SBC 1000
  • SBC 2000
  • EdgeMarc Intelligent Edge portfolio
  • Ribbon Connect

The company also supports a completely managed service that Ribbon Partners could utilize to transfer enterprises to a Teams Phone System in hours instead of days or weeks.

Major takeaways

  • Industry-leading Ribbon’s SBCs is the most extensive portfolio of Microsoft-certified SBCs available today. It offers carrier-grade reliability, scale, resiliency, and interoperability required by service providers to implement Microsoft Operator Connect.
  • Several service providers participating in the initial wave of Operator Connect deployments are already Ribbon clients.
  • Ribbon’s traditional SBC portfolio comprises both edge and core alternatives. Service providers control SBC Software Edition (SWe), SBC 7000, and SBC 5400 for carrier-grade reliability, resiliency, scale, and interoperability. In contrast, businesses have complete access to a full range of functionality via the SBC Software Edition Lite (SWe Lite), EdgeMarc Intelligent, SBC 1000, and SBC 2000 portfolio.
  • The company also offers a monthly service, Ribbon Connect for Microsoft Direct Routing, for an organization that prefers a service-based model to allow Teams calling.
  • Ribbon’s SBCs offers industry-leading security and interoperability for hundreds of SIP Trunking, Direct Routing, and Cloud Unified Communications (UC) services.