• Advancements in the Cisco IoT control center will suffice the market demands of streamlined data management at a large scale.
  • Cisco has delivered a wide range of low-high complex IoT devices to manage devices at a large scale for mass IoT.

Cisco announced that it recently upgraded its Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio to assist its service provider clients deliver a smoother process to manage LPWAN/4g/5g/IoT connectivity for emerging and new cases.

With industries exploring ways to evolve their digital strategies to support a hybrid workforce, they require streamlined solutions to connect and manage budget-friendly, mostly stationary devices deployed at a massive scale like utility meters, medical devices, and agricultural sensors.

Launched at the Mobile world congress Barcelona, the Cisco IoT control center can now come to terms with industry demands for mass IoT with a new easy and secure connectivity management package designed especially for low complex IoT devices. Cisco IoT control center has nearly 200 million devices connected to its network today, catering to various licensed network providers (LPWAN/4G/5G), which gives operators and enterprises the liberty to choose the best network for their use case.

Wide areas with 3GPP LPWAN networks are often connected with stationary devices with low bandwidth consumption and predictable usage patterns over broad areas. LPWAN has large-scale IoT use cases, including water meters that transmit data once a week to parking meters that share data throughout the day and night. Remote management for these devices is relatively easier than those that need constant, real-time, and complex data collection, such as connected cars.

The launch of delivered as a service of Cisco IoT control center will help service providers use low to high complexity devices from a single platform. Cisco’s connectivity management packages reduce the complexity and costs of the process without compromising on quality. It is a perfect way for service providers to generate new revenue streams and seize all the latest mass IoT market opportunities.

 Experts’ view:

“We are always looking for ways to make IoT more valuable and easier to use for our customers, and now Cisco enables KPN IoT to profitably capitalize on LPWAN market opportunities via the IoT Control Center. Offering our enterprise customers, a single platform to address the full range of IoT use cases is a great advantage and reduces complexity in our customer’s deployments, leverages existing integrations, and improves cost efficiency,” said Carolien Nijhuis, EVP, Internet of Things and Data services at KPN.

“We are very pleased to see the new Mass IoT capabilities available on the IoT Control Center platform. These will enable the pursuit of emerging low-cost, low-complexity IoT segments, with a solution that better meets customers’ needs,” said Marc Overton, Managing Director Division X, for BT’s Enterprise business.

“We strive to help our service provider customers enable new services and business outcomes for Mass IoT to simplify data collection from millions of devices,” said Masum Mir, Vice President and General Manager, Cable, Mobile and IoT, Cisco.