IBM has disclosed a collaboration with IOTA in patent application US20190373051A1, which refers to the ‘Task Scheduling System for IoT Devices,’ and the application is in the final stage of approval. Google Patents also mentioned that IBM had applied for the same back in 2018. As per the authors, IoT system users will now be able to allocate tokens to their devices to arrange a few tasks for it. Additionally, the technology can now make use of the trading functions of crypto-assets.

The application says the following:

“Scheduler can facilitate the trading of tokens based on using capabilities of network devices in response to performing tasks.”

IOTA tokens are a combination of IoT and blockchain technology and are broadly used in several concepts and solutions within the new technology boom called the Internet of Things (IoT). IOTA has gained momentum in line with the rapid development of technology. Organizations that look forward to exploring IoT have widely accepted IOTA, and IOTA tokens were also mentioned in patents by giants such as Siemens AG, Intel Corporation, Blackberry Telecom in 2019. At present, around 44 companies have applied for about 111 patents.

Furthermore, researches at the IOTA ecosystem are deploying statistics tools to evaluate the process of IOTA by companies that are using patented applications. As per the most recent numbers, about 77% have been published within the past 1-year time frame.