Myriota, a leading company in satellite connectivity in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), has entered into a new partnership with Future Fleet International, an Australian telematics provider that delivers advanced fleet management products. The alliance will help Future Fleet reduce the carbon footprint for various industries by developing a new vehicle and asset tracking technology – the NX-01 intelligent tracking solution. This platform is underpinned by Myriota’s low-power IoT technology and satellite connectivity.

The NX-01 intelligent tracking platform is the Future Fleet’s most advanced asset tracking device to date–powered by Myriota’s low-power secure satellite IoT connectivity. The partnership will reap benefits for Future Fleet in the field of agriculture, mining, and logistics and transport with a more reliable and cost-effective tracking solution. These activities complement traditional cellular-based GPS tracking devices, especially in remote and isolated areas.

New solutions are about to launch by the end of 2020, which will increase Future Fleet’s savings on asset tracking by more than 50%, along with strengthening service, security, and battery life for its customers.

“Our partnership with Future Fleet is a testament to the forward-thinking nature of both organizations. Together, we’re creating an opportunity to not only rapidly advance the capabilities of the transport and logistics sector at large, but also lower the sector’s carbon footprint through optimized routes and reduced fuel consumption,” said Alex Grant, CEO of Myriota. “Future Fleet’s new NX-01 intelligent tracking solution is the culmination of two best of breed companies working together, providing transport organizations with a distinct advantage over their competition and total visibility of their assets,” he added.

“Future Fleet has always been a customer-centric business, providing the best service and technologies possible to our customer base. Our partnership with Myriota provides us with the capability to revolutionize how our customers track and manage their assets – allowing for a more reliable and cost-effective technology across the board,” said Richard Saad, General Manager of Future Fleet.

He further added, “When analyzing the IoT landscape as a whole, we knew quickly that we wanted to partner with Myriota as they’ve consistently been ahead of the competition in driving innovation in IoT and growing a global network. We’re thrilled to work closely with Myriota and bring its global network of satellite IoT connectivity to our customers.”