• NEXCOM-Telco Systems merged their advanced solutions to support multiple cloud-native deployments.
  • Preinstalled 5G/IoT devices in the Edge computers will help enterprises adapt to the dynamic IT environments seamlessly.

Telco Systems, a leader in delivering edge compute solutions, and NEXCOM, a leader in providing network appliances, announced the availability of a commercial-ready solution for SOHOs and mid-sized businesses wanting to run virtual workloads at the network edge.

A majority of the organization’s workflow and services operate through the cloud. From confidential data protection, to accessing the company’s network, to work from home and data storage services, these processes rely on edge devices to connect to the company’s servers. To support new business models driven by digital transformation, IT teams require the latest robust tools for deploying and executing services and applications at the network edge and streamline management, security, and maintenance of edge devices.

NEXCOM-Telco Systems’ merged solution is based on NEXCOMs DTA 1164W, a 5G-ready desktop uCPE, pre-installed with Telco Systems’ Edgility smart edge computing software. The solution, which has full support for 5G/IoT connectivity, readily supports a wide range of cloud-native deployments. Moreover, its flexibile configuration can easily adapt to today’s dynamic environment.

NEXCOM’s DTA 1164W uCPE is a perfect tool to fulfil the needs of SOHO and mid-sized businesses. Its I/O interface comes with eight Ethernet ports for physical network connectivity to various devices and an additional wireless route. This uCPE supports Wi-Fi 5/6, 4G, LTE, and reliable high-speed connectivity utilizing the Thales Cinterion® MV31-W IoT modem card that can be handled and managed via Edgility.

Edgility facilitates simple and easy-to-use tools to deploy, process, manage and operate various virtual services and functions on up to a thousand edge devices on multiple sites. Additionally, its zero-touch provisioning feature allows businesses to deploy new services in just a few minutes rather than days without needing a technical person on site. This smart edge computing platform has two crucial components:

  • Edgility OS is a high-performance and small print operating system.
  • Edgility central is a cloud-based management and orchestration (MANO) system.

Experts’ view:

“Based on our successful long-term partnership with Telco Systems, we are onboarding their edge compute software onto our 5G uCPE. This market-ready solution with preinstalled software suits those of our customers who are seeking an easy-to-deploy product for automating edge device management for SD-WAN networks,” said Allan Chiu, VP of Network and amp; Communication Solutions at NEXCOM.

“As small and medium-sized businesses move business services to the edge as part of their digital transformation initiatives, their IT teams must adapt on the fly to enable fast deployment of new virtual workloads. Our joint offering with NEXCOM offers businesses an agile, cost-efficient solution to simplify the deployment and management of edge devices while reducing operational costs,” said Ariel Efrati, CEO of Telco Systems.