Nokia has designed an industrial-grade private wireless 5G campus network at the Nuremburg development center of secure industrial IoT specialist MYNXG.

MYNXG will implement the Nokia 5G network at its new industrial IoT interoperability test center to develop new security solutions for the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It will also be performing real-life testing of equipment and sensors for a range of OEM and customer projects.

Operational technology by MYNXG functions by using 5G’s full capability from both a performance and service quality point of view. MYNXG has already integrated the Nokia 5G solution into its end-to-end secure MYNXG IoT Platform.

The companies are continuously looking forward to potential opportunities for joint solution development as the deployment progresses.

Bernd Möller, CEO of MYNXG, said“Our goal is to be able to offer our customers robust, and certified end-to-end secure industrial IoT solutions so that they can drive the automation and digitalization of their processes. By integrating Nokia’s 5G technology into our overall industrial IoT technology platform, we have not only found an ideal solution for testing IoT systems, but also the basis for further marketplace development.”

Nokia’s private 5G campus wireless solution operates on the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC). Scaling it according to needs, Nokia DAC forms an industrial-grade digital automation platform that provides a reliable, secure, high-performance private wireless network.

Combining edge computing capability and low latency to support data-intensive applications, DAC users can securely collect, process, and host all generated proprietary data on-site.

Thomas Hainzel, Head of EMEA Manufacturing and amp; Logistics, Nokia Enterprise, said: “For industrial companies to realize their Industry 4.0 ambitions, it is crucial that they can test IoT solutions and applications in real-life conditions. This requires not only a proven, resilient IoT platform but also a powerful and secure high bandwidth network. In this case, Nokia provides MYNXG and its ecosystem with the ideal platform for its testing and development work.”

MYNXG runs a globally unique, real-time, and safe IoT platform for industrial solutions. The MYNXG framework is built to protect the highest cybersecurity standards on computers, physical infrastructures, and related data. Its consistent hardware-based, end-to-end security architecture achieves this. It supports all device-level industrial interfaces, industry protocols, and standards for automation.

The MYNXG platform offers simple, direct integration into current business systems and processes, in addition to flexible cloud services. Industrial solutions include condition monitoring for shop floor equipment, product life cycle and process automation, asset management of the supply chain, and access control for sites, processes, and data.

Nokia has the most comprehensive campus network portfolio on the market, ranging from 4.9G/LTE to 5G non-standalone and 5G standalone. Globally, Nokia holds more than 220 enterprise customers with private wireless networks.

Deutsche Bahn, Lufthansa Technik, and Toyota Production Engineering are amongst the 5G customers. Based on their requirements, customers can choose between the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud with a range of click and deploy applications or customize their network according to their needs through Nokia Modular Private Wireless.