Sectigo, a market leader in SSL/TLS certificates, IoT, DevOps, enterprise-grade PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) management, and multi-layered web security, has announced new advancements in IoT Manager, the company’s IoT Security and Identity Management Platform. The improvements include the PKI Client software development kit (SDK) and the Secure Boot SDK.

The IoT security platform aims to protect enterprise infrastructures. The platform provides end-to-end security for every connected device class from the manufacturing point through its entire life cycle.

Subsequently, the IoT Manager makes use of the infrastructure to issue public certificates.

Some other improvements as per the company press release include:

  • Multi-vendor Ecosystem Support
  • Sectigo EST PKI Client – A new client using the Enrollment over Secure Transport (EST) cryptographic protocol for PKI enables automated EST use for customers using Sectigo Certificate Manager.
  • Embedded Firewall SDK includes support for Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY RTOS microkernel architecture, designed for critical embedded systems that demand proven separation, security, and real-time determinism.
  • Secure Boot NetObjex Integration – Secure Boot SDK has very well merged with the NetObjex PiQube IoT development platform, providing manufacturers using the NetObjex platform with secure boot functionality, thereby ensuring the authenticity of the firmware on their devices.
  • WBA Ecosystem