TrustInSoft, a cybersecurity software company, has launched an Application Security Test (AST). The application is specifically designed to mathematically assure bug-free code in embedded internet of things (IoT) devices.

The AST for IoT is developed based on TrustInSoft’s Analyzer. It would offer the equivalent of static and dynamic code analysis of C/C source code by utilizing Formal Methods testing to guarantee the absence of undefined source code behaviors.

Reliable IoT systems are launched in the market only after security testing. As testing is being replicated for each process, traditional static and dynamic analysis methods are slowing deployment.

Formal Methods testing accelerates the process by creating a mathematical twin of C/C source code that can be used to establish no bugs in the source code for any input. Customers who utilize TrustInSoft’s Analyzer with Formal Methods for embedded software testing can reduce IoT device rollout durations by reducing bug detection up to 40 times and reducing code verification time by four times.

It is good for software and software infrastructure vendors looking to remain compliant with the new guidelines published by the Biden Administration. These guidelines intend to help technology companies tackle the increasing threat of cyberinfrastructure intrusions from hostile actors.

The White House issued this guidance following the recent high-profile cyberattacks that made direct implications for any vendor of software and software infrastructures. “Minimum standards for vendors’ testing of their software source code,” this statement states that vendors should invest and develop automated methods to check for vulnerabilities in their source code products.

TrustInSoft is a market leader in automated source code analysis. This makes it capable of providing fast and efficient compliance to these regulations while ensuring that the IoT products do not fall prey to cyberattacks.

“Life is never error-free but your source code can be,” said Fabrice Derepas, Founder and CEO of TrustInSoft. “A bug found after release can cost up to 640 times more than when found in development. Formal Methods testing is the most direct way to check for vulnerabilities in embedded IoT devices during development, instead of fixing costly errors after deployment.”