Highlights –

  • RivieraWaves BLE5 and Wi-Fi 6 IPs license enable Winner Micro to accelerate the next generation of IoT SoCs and MCUs.
  • The platforms have developed comprehensive solutions that integrate Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity into any IC or SoC design.

CEVA Inc, a leading licensor of wireless connectivity, smart sensing technologies, and integrated IP solutions, announced that Beijing Winner Microelectronics Co. (Winner Micro), a supplier of wireless communications chips for the IoT (Internet of Things), has licensed the RivieraWaves BLE5 and Wi-Fi 6 IP platforms for its next generation of wireless connectivity SoCs (System on a Chip) targeting IoT markets, including medical monitoring, smart homes, video surveillance, and industrial applications.

RivieraWaves Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IP platforms offer comprehensive solutions to integrate Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi connectivity into any IC (Integrated Circuits) or SoC design. Each platform contains a hardware baseband controller and a feature-rich software protocol stack.

With the flexible radio interface, the platforms can easily be deployed with either RivieraWaves RF (for Bluetooth) or various partners’ RF IP (for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi), enabling optimal selection of foundry and process node. RivieraWaves Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IPs are widely used in consumer, smart home, industrial, and IoT products with many of the world’s major semiconductor vendors and OEMs. Over 3 billion CEVA-powered Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices have been supplied to date along with dozens of licensees.

Expert view

“CEVA’s track record in developing robust, fully-featured Bluetooth and Wi-Fi platform IPs is unrivalled,” said Li Qing, CEO of Winner Micro. “Licensing their RivieraWaves BLE5 and Wi-Fi 6 IPs enables us to accelerate the development of our next generation of IoT SoCs and MCUs and meet the incredible demand for IoT connectivity chips across the IoT landscape,” he added.

“CEVA is delighted to add an innovative company like Winner Micro to its list of customers for the RivieraWaves Bluetooth and Wi-Fi platforms,” said Tal Shalev, Vice President and General Manager of the Wireless IoT Business Unit at CEVA. He added, “Winner Micro have a long and successful track record in delivering high-quality connectivity SoCs to the market, and our latest generation connectivity platforms will help them to continue this legacy.”