UserTesting, a leading group dedicated to the delivery of on-demand human insights recently was able to deliver some startling insights about the recent customer experience report. The sixth annual customer report updated for 2019, found that 85 percent of the respondents feel that their business customer experience strategy needs to be improved. The report highlighted the need for a user experience that is driving the clients towards taking business experience. The report is created after interviewing more than 1,600 professionals across multiple industries and asking them various questions about customer experience and CX research. Though the digital transformation has been going through a trend of adoption and innovation, enterprises are still struggling to gain ground. Transformation is a slow experience, and the recent report showed that 40 percent of businesses have agreed that they have never heard of digital transformation, 20 percent reported the successful change to more digitally improved technology, while most of them felt that they are still in the journey of transformation. Another trend that was greatly seen during the transformation was the need of having a strategy to adopt a technology.

In the journey of digital transformation, one such technology is Unified Communications (UC), enterprises see that as one of the imperative parts of communication technology. Enterprises have adopted the team of UC engineer to deal with Communication challenges; these engineers do everything to ensure that your organizations can operate efficiently and in a unified manner. Many of the UC engineering teams around the world allowed us to learn how some of the enterprises are handling the collaboration challenges and maintain the performance threshold across the channels.  The recent communication we had with various industry leaders particularly with a team of IT engineers from Facebook, a leading pharmaceutical organization, and Utah education network. While we learned various things from all the industry contributors, some points did stand out from the complete group of points.

Investing in UC technology

UC technology was initially nice to have the technology, but over the years it has become a cog wheel of technology companies. The diversity in the workforce and the remote locations of teams across the globe have pushed many of the enterprises to adopt the UC to improve their communications. If the employees aren’t armed with technology and tools without having a proper communication channel the progress of business growth gets stalled. The need for communication is defying because most of the clients need a definite guide that can lead the communication network during offshore meetings. Off the entire interviewed member’s everyone is spending some amount of money on UC technology to improve the on-demand collaboration. The investment in infrastructure and technology will allow the team to communicate and collaborate despite all the global locations to work at the most efficient production levels.

How will downtime affect the enterprises?

Downtime is dependent on the enterprise’s requirements; a top executive level position person might find the downtime to be more negatively affecting the work environment. Enterprises are spending thousands of dollars on UC engineers and investigate the downtime causes. For a quicker response, a team of UC engineer can diagnose the problem that is causing the downtime assisting the communications to go on a normal mode.   One of the IT engineers from Facebook added that for every issue that are reported there are 20x issues that will be underreported. If the statement knowledge is being put to use, we could see that if the IT engineers could spend more time towards proactively ensuring the collaboration experience is adapt. It would lead to improved issues solving tasks and reduction in frustration from the non-tickets that would start to fade. Having a downtime can be pretty devastating if any important meetings or client presentations are scheduled during such times and at times the proactive approach can lead to better functioning of the Unified communication technology.

Time spent:

The value in being able to identify and troubleshoot problematic issues that only delivers new invaluable lessons, they are not only from a productive standpoint but also from the UC technology point. Most of the UC using professionals have voiced an opinion that if they get improved access to data, they could react faster to issues and get back to the other issues as quickly as possible. Monitoring a Unified Communication (UC) environment based on the various reactionary shifts in intensity than the reactionary troubleshooting ticket brings and evolves into a place where the engineers can focus on the entire organization and ensuring flawless collaboration environment.    The recent technology shift to keep the collaboration environment up and running will require huge situational aspects that can be held with the improved undertaking.


The team agreed that the Unified Communication Technology is still in the nascent stage of development; today most of the enterprises concentrate only towards improving the internal communication across the channels almost forgetting the customer experience can be improved with UC technology. The global economy is part of the technology foundation that is affecting the communication across various channels; today the need for Unified Communication Solution will deliver the need for extensive technology.

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