Microsoft might just tune in the next time an absentminded colleague just out of nowhere begins a “reply-all” email saga that is never-ending. Well, the tech giant is all set to roll out an exchange feature that is designed to protect Office 365 users all over the world against that overwhelming set of unwanted emails.

How does it operate?

First and foremost, it will help companies avoid the hassle by blocking replies if there are 10 ‘reply all’ messages sent to more than 5,000 recipients within 60 minutes. In such scenarios, the system will automatically block subsequent replies for four hours and ask users to be patient.

Moving further, Microsoft plans to tweak the features with an aim to accommodate smaller organizations as well to allow administrators to customize the defense mechanism and send notifications in case the storm arrives.

Way forward

If you are a mid-size business, you might have to wait a little more to be a part of this league. And we still believe that the feature is out at an appropriate time when we all are working from home and highly dependent on emails for a lot of business communication. Therefore, a feature that can save your inbox from getting choked in the time of a crisis is a blessing in disguise.