Technology Expense Management (TEM) was initially also named as telecom expense management. It has been largely focused on telecommunication feature of enterprises that includes wired and wireless. TEM is one of the most prominent services that enterprises focus today because it virtually touches all technological aspects of enterprise technology management.

TEM as a service promises to cater different needs of an enterprise in terms of networking technology, maintenance technology, hosting and cloud services. As enterprise networking technology becomes complicated and expensive many enterprises are adopting Third-party TEM services.

The adoption of TEM should be done in the same way any other enterprise service is purchased. For any enterprise, it’s important that you determine the TEM’s flexibility with your already applied network. It’s also important that every metrics of the service is thoroughly tested and also understand the in-scope services. Competitive market research is also imperative if you want the best of the service for the competitive price.

Definition of Need:

Any enterprises should first make a thorough list of services that they need and what the TEM should actually manage from the defined services. Quantifying each of the technologies or the services, you have and whether they should be included in the scope of TEM. For the enterprise, it’s imperative to determine the needful and exclusion while buying a technology.

Providers Screening:

Once you determine your requirements from the TEM, it’s important that you pre-screen the providers before having a face to face meeting. This will help you to raise questions regarding their service and have an elaborate understanding of their proposal.