A wholly-owned subsidiary of Tanla Platforms Limited, Karix Mobile, announced the use of a conversational solution for Panasonic India Limited utilizing the WhatsApp Business Solution Platform. The application aims to facilitate one-to-one conversations between Panasonic’s customers and the brand.

The main objective of this solution is to build strong, personalized connections with its end-users and help them connect with the brand easily. The other service channels, such as SMS and email, will remain available and active, but this new communication medium will provide customers with a more convenient option.

Panasonic’s WhatsApp customer service will offer a two-way interaction. It will provide updates on new product information, location of nearby stores, current offers, and accessories for products.

As the WhatsApp chat services are available 24×7, customers can communicate and solve product queries on a real-time basis. It also helps to prevent the hassle of visiting retail stores or customer care centers. When solving complex customer queries, the conversation on this channel automatically transfers to service agents for a swift and seamless redressal.

The solution is build using a low-code automation platform that is quick to deploy. It delivers a visually rich user experience on WhatsApp enriched with rich cards on the back of AI-powered chatbots.

Jia Lal Koundal, Group Head – Trade Marketing, at Panasonic India, said, “In the digital age, WhatsApp interactive flows have added a new dimension to the overall consumer experience. Through WhatsApp Business, we are offering an enhanced customer experience as customers can now scan a QR code and immediately start exploring multiple features on the go. Easy access to product catalogs, current offers, locating nearest stores, and after-sales product support are a few of its many highlights. Also, the reporting structure of the platform makes it convenient for us to further connect with our potential customers.”

Deepak Goyal, Chief Business Officer, Tanla Platforms Limited, said, “We offer our enterprise customers business APIs along with an ecosystem of solutions to fulfill end-to-end communication requirements. We are excited to extend our new bundle of support services to Panasonic via WhatsApp, which will provide a delightful customer experience without reaching loaded IVRs and sparsely populated call centers due to COVID. As one of the select official WhatsApp Business service providers globally, we aim to benefit more than 2000 enterprise customers with conversational automation as the next generation of consumer to brand communication offering.”