• Approximately 99% of demand generation marketers using bots confirmed that it helped them augment lead-to-consumer conversion rates.
  • Over 56% marketing professionals stated that they’ve observed a surge of more than ten percent in consumer acquisition with the help of chatbots.

Most B2B enterprises emphasize on demand generation, a crucial expansion aspect. Botco AI, in its latest survey, revealed that a large number of marketers worldwide are making use of chatbot, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based conversational marketing solution, for demand generation in marketing. It is observed that chatbots have been the first choice of 85% of companies globally when it comes to demand generation campaigns.

A large number of marketing goals are accomplished with the aid of chatbots, thereby assisting marketers to reach the target customers easily. As per the respondents, chatbots are able to understand customers better. The interactive bilateral communication between chatbots and users helps to highlight the challenges, uncertainties, and criticalities of consumers and clearly affirms their needs from the enterprise.

A report titled, “The State of Chatbots in B2B Demand Generation,” states that chatbots support marketing personnel to categorize their consumer base, generate new leads, convince potential customers to check out the company’s products and services, qualify leads for the sales team, and build firm relations with customers.

Chatbots’ ability to augment lead-to-consumer conversion rates has been immensely beneficial, affirmed by approximately 99% of demand generation marketers using bots. Besides, over 56% marketing professionals stated that they’ve observed a surge of more than ten percent in consumer acquisition.

Social media, emails, digital advertisements, content marketing, paid search engine marketing, webinars, and organic search engine optimization are among the paramount tools B2B marketers use for qualified lead generation.

Key Findings of the Report:

Research explored that conversational AI tools encompass the entire marketing funnel, however, especially the middle.

Marketers use chatbots for various reasons. To mention a few –

  • 43% – Prospect education
  • 42% – Qualifying leads for the sales team, audience segmentation, and building customer relationships each
  • 31% – Scheduling signups, meetings, and demos

In October 2022, almost 1,000 B2B marketers in the US were surveyed to understand the role of chatbots in marketing.