Gamma Communications, a technology-based provider of communications services, has acquired Exactive Holdings. Exactive a professional in Unified Communications is part of Microsoft Teams Voice partners operating in the United Kingdom with clients across both public and enterprise sectors. Gamma Communications currently is targeting the UK and Netherlands.

The acquisition is setting the tone for improving the current offerings and provides a complete range of services for Microsoft Teams. Gamma had acquired Telsis in November 2019, with an office in Glasgow. The company is looking to be a complete solution provider for Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) in Europe.

Gamma management and Exactive team have worked together for years on a number of joint projects such as the London Stock Exchange Group and Guinness Partnership. Exactive has expertise in UCaaS and has developed a multi-tenant Microsoft teams PSTN routing platform, Cloud UCX. Gamma is currently working towards integrating the SIP Trunking Service with Microsoft teams, Trunking will assist in enabling customers to use public telephone network towards direct from Teams.

Gamma’s direct routing capability offers seamless integration and does not require additional equipment on-premises or even licensing. By acquisition of Exactive, Gamma will be enhancing it’s offerings in the Microsoft ecosystem to assist businesses to migrate to Teams.

Andrew Taylor, Chief Executive of Gamma said in a statement that they are pleased to announce the acquisition of Exactive. The company is looking to welcome Scott and their entire team to the Gamma family. The company is delighted to build on a track record of working with Exactive giving customers a complete range of services for Micorosft Teams.

UCaaS is an ever-evolving and most rapidly growing market that is sharing the communication across the world. With the evolvement of networking technology, business leaders will be expecting UCaaS solutions to solve many of the mobility communication requirements.