Google is likely to develop the likes of Gmail, Drive, Hangouts Meets, and Chats in one place. This new development may help businesses to interact more seamlessly.

According to a report by The Information, Google is working on a unified communications app for businesses. The app will be mobile-based and will allow Google’s enterprise users to communicate more efficiently. The app is said to have video conferencing features, Hangout Chats, hangout meet, etc.

As per the report, this integrated mobile app is being tested internally currently and was first discussed by Thomas Kurian, the CEO of Google Cloud, at a conference held earlier this month with the organization’s salesperson and business partners. It will be a part of G-suite, a set of cloud computing and productivity tools offered by the company to enterprises.

It is worth noting that Google already offers a bunch of chatting apps to its users, and apart from Hangout Meet and Hangout Chat, the conglomerate also has Google Duo, the video-based chatting app. However, what it currently lacks is a one-stop solution that integrates all employee needs, which means that G-suite users will have to switch to other apps such as Slack and Microsoft Teams to coordinate with one another.

Now, Google is working on a direct rival to these apps, one that will allow users to access their chats, calendars, emails, and other tools within one app.