LogMeIn, one of the leading enterprises in the collaboration and communication space, recently announced that they would now be seeking to create an international expansion for its all-new GoToConnect and GoToRoom solutions. The three countries that would be getting the solutions will be the UK, Ireland, and Germany. LogMeIn expects that they would be able to sell the GoToRoom and GoToConnect in these new regions later during this year’s summer. To show its products to potential customers, LogMeIn showcased their complete UC product suite at its UC Expo in London. It’s the first time the international customers were given a chance to experience the GoToRoom and GoToConnect.

LogMeIn is one of the bigger players in the Unified Communication and Collaboration space that provides complete solutions to its customers with its GoTo brand. The complete newly expanded solutions include the GoToRoom and GoToConnect. What separates the GoToConnect from its competitors is the multichannel capability of the technology when it comes to screen sharing, video, and audio capabilities that can also be combined with cloud-based telephonic solutions. The completely integrated application allows the users to communicate using both externally and internally with desktop apps and even web-based browsers. The GoToConnect can be integrated with GoToMeeting to provide a completely different experience with both capabilities. GoTo offers users’ professional video, audio, and web conferencing along with SMS messaging, VoIP, and many more solutions. The GoToRoom is a comprehensive all-in-one solution that provides mid-sized rooms with complete hardware required to host the exceptional video meetings using the GoToMeeting solution.

LogMeIn showcased its entire portfolio range at the UC Expo, that includes the GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar that can also be combined with Cloud-based telephony provider, Jive recently acquired by the LogMeIn. These products are all set to assist more than 28 million users per month. Including all the above products, LogMeIn also showcases several of the communication technology.