Technology and communication have become two inseparable entities of business growth. Business Communication over the years has evolved from telephone lines to internet connectivity, making technology inevitably more important than communication. Communication for the businesses has elevated to bring collaboration as a part of current connectivity.

Internet and improved device technology and has brought Unified Communication (UC) to the fore front of communication as the businesses wanted a more collaborative approach towards growth. According to Gartner, the global spending on UC will grow at 3% CAGR from 2016 to 2021, which is all set to reach $44.2 billion in 2021.

The dependency on a single mode of connectivity can be a liability for the business; owing to the increasing number of natural disasters halting the network has increased many folds over the years. Hurricane Sandy affected complete North America, costing millions of dollars to businesses that depended on single sources of connectivity for communication. So is your business prepared for anything like a hurricane Sandy that may strike anytime? Enterprises have implemented connectivity solutions like VPN, broadband, LAN, etc. Ground networks lack the agility to overcome many of the natural disasters that might affect their hardware.

Satellite technology can be one of the most compelling aspects to bring technology back to users, and it’s also immune to most earth borne disasters. A satellite communication extends beyond the disaster-affected region, as single geostationary orbit covers one-third of the earth. The satellite antenna is the only object that will be coming directly under the threat of disasters. Still, because they are movable and easily installable, businesses can reduce costs while bringing in the flexibility to overcome several of the business challenges such as natural disasters and remote installation.

A) Advanced satellite technology supports the transmission of large data volume, which is to and from the small antennas. This technology also brings video conferencing and real-time data sharing for the affected enterprise staff. Here are some solutions that businesses around the world can use for satellite connectivity. BusinessCom SD-WAN over satellite services provides optimized connectivity to various enterprise branches around the world and different cloud service providers.

B) AT and amp;T satellite solution is targeted towards bridging the gap between the connectivity in remote locations and high bandwidth demand for remote location.

Satellite network is still far from being utilized as a connectivity solution, but this soon set to change as climate change will bring more uneven climatic condition as the ground networks will fail to cope with the sudden climatic changes.