Verizon has been chosen by the company Social Security Administration (SSA) to deliver unified communications (UC) and contact center (CC) services to over 62,000 SSA employees across 1,300 locations via the Next Generation Telephony Project (NGTP). This project aims to unite three systems to deliver an enterprise-wide contact center and unified communications solution upgrade for the SSA.

The plan

Verizon will be responsible for providing a personalized UC/Customer Experience platform that will support SSA transform customer services as a part of its long-term IT modernization plan.

The project involves comprehensive operational support services such as management maintenance, network operations center, security, training, recording and analytics, and help desk. Additionally, it empowers the SSA to analyze operations more effectively, enhance customer experience, and deliver improved services to the public across channels, whether in-person, video, online, or phone.

Andrés Irlando, Senior Vice President and President Public Sector and Verizon Connect at Verizon, stated, “Verizon has a long history of supporting the missions of the Social Security Administration, including helping to enable SSA’s digital transformation through citizen-friendly business system.” He added, “We are proud to partner with the SSA to enable and serve the 65 million Americans who rely on its services.”

Verizon partnered with Avaya to deliver core infrastructure for SSA’s unified communications and contact center requirements to provide an advanced and cost-effective infrastructure for SSA employees, enabling easy and reliable collaboration via a single interface across the agency.

Furthermore, Verizon is positioned to play a vital role in replacing SSA’s national 800 number teleservice platform that supports more than 10,000 agents and field office employees who respond to citizen inquiries related to SSA benefits.

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