On Monday, May 11, 2020, AT and amp;T Inc., an American multinational telecom giant, and Cisco, an American technology multinational, released Webex calling, a cloud-based phone system optimized for businesses. With this new release, AT and amp;T aims at intensifying its capabilities by expanding access to cloud-based phone capabilities.

The idea behind

Today, when staying connected is inevitable and challenging, Webex calling has the potential to help several businesses transform voice-based communications to better accommodate and adapt to the ever-changing needs with the help of AT and amp;T’s highly secure and reliable network.

Developed on the Webex Calling platform, the core idea works on providing better and additional options to stay connected, including access to Webex Teams for business meetings, calls, and team collaboration exercises.

What does it offer?

Webex Calling with AT and amp;T is designed to offer free on-network calls. In the US, they provide domestic toll calling with an additional 1,000-minute package for toll-free calling.

Additionally, including call routing with access to public switched telephone networks via SIP trunks supports businesses with simpler options to integrate the power of data and voice capabilities.

What’s more?

With Webex Calling, AT and amp;T and Cisco aim at supporting businesses with a strength that is as low as 25 seats. The new service is all set to provide a communications support system that is driven with multiple levels of resiliency and the reliability and impeccable quality delivered by the AT and amp;T Network.


Strategically located data centers offer enhanced reliability and dedicatedly work on maintaining uptime while allowing hassle-free deployment options, flexible pricing, and compatibility that typically is not available for small businesses.